Code of Conduct

Consideration is part of sharing


Coworking is, as the word suggests, working together. We want to cultivate coworking through MyWigWam. Approach people, form interesting working groups and unleash the potential of a community.

As a rule, we promote a “Du” (familiar form of “you” in German) culture in MyWigWam as we strongly believe it breaks down barriers. We want to create a space where people of different backgrounds, experiences and origins can work together. That’s why we are committed to providing a friendly and secure place for everyone.

These rules of conduct describe our expectations from all users of the MyWigWam space. They are not restricted to the daily work on the premises, they also apply to behaviour within the community and any events in MyWigWam including guests at those events. The rules of conduct also outline the consequences of non-compliance.

We expect your support in creating a positive environment for all users.


The workplace is for you personally and for the community at the same time.

Please use it both as your own and as a shared workplace.  Leave your workplace as you found it, clean and ready for occupation.

The whiteboards, printer, kitchen, sanitary facilities and all accessible equipment are for you personally and for the community. Use them accordingly.


Is something broken? Is something missing? Is something empty? à Report it to

Use the whiteboards for your creative ideas and themes and then erase your work using the allocated cleaning tools (provided for every whiteboard).

Telephone conversations are part of everyday work. Please remember other people are present when talking on the phone and keep your voice down. 

Damage to the workplace or other office equipment can happen. Please report such incidents so we can keep MyWigWam in the best condition. 


MyWigWam is a smoke-free zone. Smoking is not allowed indoors. There are ashtrays in front of MyWigWam. Please use them.

If it is raining you can smoke by the bicycle stands. Please don't leave any cigarette butts lying around.


Consequence of non-compliance

Unacceptable behaviour by any users, guests or event organisers will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to initiate the requisite measures if there is a breach of the rules of conduct. Such measures can range from a temporary exclusion to a permanent ban from MyWigWam. The exclusion order can be issued without notice and without reimbursing costs.

Should you become aware of any breaches of the rules of conduct, you can report them at any time to



Feedback is an important component of our community. You are welcome to send feedback at any time to