Modern means of transportation have turned the world into a global village. Within just a couple of hours you can reach almost every corner of the earth. Well apart from places like Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia. But this is only a problem if you're based in Switzerland like I am. Since over 20 years I am flying to foreign countries on different continents and  I must admit, that I started to cope very well with jet lag.

My favorite flight is from Zurich to Singapore. You set off in a big nice plane and reach Singapore at around 0600 am. Often I fly on a Sunday so I can start the business day right away. Just quick check-in in the hotel, a refreshing shower to get used to the tropical weather and then off to the business meeting.

Insane! I start my business day in Singapore even earlier than in the office in Switzerland! The world is a village, this is definitely true!

During my last vacation I read a book from Christoph Keese about the Silicon Valley. In this book he tries to analyze why the silicon valley is such a magnet for innovation and talented people. Therefore he speaks with entrepreneurs, startup founders and venture capital lender.

He also speaks to the people from oDesk which is now Upwork. Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

Then i started to understand, that there is something faster than the fastest plane. The speed of light! And in the decade of digitalization almost everything will start travelling at the speed of light. Everything is just one click away.

The trend for people in founding micro enterprises or in becoming part time freelancer is inevitable. Even my girlfriend runs her own microbusiness. Modern freelancing platforms help those people to find customers all over the planet.

All they need is a laptop, internet and a place to work.

Coworking connects exactly here into this trend. Coworking offers those people a space where they can use the power of the coworking community to unleash their full potential. To bounce and exchange ideas and to get inspired.

Something should be clear for everyone. Those people compete with people all over the world. So they must understand what their value proposition is to be able to stand out from the crowd. For me it is clear: Innovation, creativity, speed, passion and customer focuss. Something you find at

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