To all MyWigWam members and to all future customers.

The actual situation is challenging and forces all of us to figure out new ways to protect us all. Social distancing is an effective measure that we all can and should implement and follow.

In most cases that means Home Office. In a normal case having 1 or 2 days of working from home can be a nice change to the everyday office routine. But if you have to stretch that to 5 days a week for multiple weeks it can be really challenging. If it's not looking after the kids or fighting the own technical installation it can be the missing social interaction of a normal day at the office. YES, sometimes you can miss the little chitchat during a coffee break or some Smalltalk in the hallways. So, what can you do about it?

For all of you who want to move your Home Office into another environment we offer MyWigWams own Home Office spaces. Equipped with everything you need from high speed internet access to perfectly brewed coffee and of course social distancing.

Please contact us if you want to move your Home Office into the MyWigWam environment 

You can expect private and separate rooms with each approx. 20 sqm at a very fair price of 49 CHF per day.

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